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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Women study notesChapter 1 Distinction between sex gender and sexuality Part of our everyday language Often used in imprecise and confusing waysSex Being either male or female from biological terms Biological characteristics and properties of how ones body appears to be places a person as either male or female Defining a person as male or female actually required making determinations on a number of dimensionsGender Assignment of masculine and feminine characteristics to bodies on culturalsocial contexts External dimensionsexpected Internal dimensionactual Continuously constructed between internal and external sources affirmes modifies challenged and transgressed through social interaction and personal reflectionSexuality range of human activities designed to produce erotic response and pleasure Sexual scriptculturally created sexual guidelines that embody the patterns of behaviours society or a group defines as sexually appropriate in a given social situation Scripts shred by a group that are supposed to lead to erotic arousal and in turn produce genitalor nongenital responsesRelationship between sex and gender Sex determines gender Sex is arbitrary related to gender Sex influences genderWhat is dichotomous thinkingframework How it relates to sex and gender look at notes Dimorphism division of the human population into categories of either male or female Dichotomy classify division into two Dualism the doctrine that in any domain of reality there are 2 separate distinct underlying principles Gives sense of security Negative tolerates no ambiguity A is A and B is BHeterosexist as dominant sexual script System of beliefs that asserts the superiority of heterosexual way of life and promotes prejudice and discrimination against any other sexual orientation
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