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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

WSTA03- Review Theories Liberal Radical Marxist Psychoanalytic Feminism Postmodern Feminism and Queer Theory Post Colonial Feminism Ecofeminism 1.Definition of human natureidentityself autonomous, isolated ,self-interested the woman is fundamentally the same as man Individuals possess self consciousness and free will Individuals are essentially isolated Individuals intrinsically self-interested The human can be abstracted Human nature is not neutral www.notesolution.comWSTA03- Review Born with sexed bodies Gender behaviors, roles, scripts, identities are then written on sexed bodies Sex-gender regime = hierarchy Sex-gender system: a set of arrangements by which a society transforms biological sexuality into products of human activity Men and Women are different: Either by nature OR nurture - totally wrong- human nature cannot be understood with sex gender system Not what liberalism claim Human nature =ability to produce our means of subsistence We meet our basic needs through productive activities Humans are laboring animals We are who we are because of what we produce Agree with Liberalism that there is an underlying sameness between men and women Both men and women are oppressed by capitalism The interests of men and women are not crucially different What divides us is class difference not gender Sigmund Freud: human is born with a basic psychological structure Sexual drive as the most important component The Id, Ego and Superego Id & Superego: continuing battle Ego: in the center trying to keep them apart No fixed nature born within a web of linguistic, cultural, & social relations No fixed identity Identity: fluid, ever changing and sometimes contradictory www.notesolution.com
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