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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Liberal Marxist Radical Lesbian Transnational Psychoanalytic Postmodern Feminist Feminism feminism feminism feminism Feminism feminism feminism & studies of queer theory men Women/gender Gender roles are Female gender is an Women is the Sexuality is fluid ‘Women’ is not Internalized schema of Sex and gender are Femininity is flexible! Women invisible part of the subordinate gender universal what a gender is not binary terms opposite of and men can both economic process due to patriarchy masculinity to child rearing or holding a job Source of inequality Restriction of Exploitation of Patriarchy -system Heteronormativity – Exploitation of Gendered personality Normative sex and Hegemonic women in the women in unwaged of subordination of the view that women’s work in the structures: ego-bound gender binaries masculinity- private sphere work for the family women legitimated everyone is global economy and men, ego-permeable replicated by culture legitimated by by social heterosexual and at home women and the individual mass media, institutions that heterosexual sports, and relationships are socialization of normal aggressiveness in boys Affirmative action Permanent waged Valorize women Making lesbian International view of Made evident the Contributed the Contributed the Goals/contributions and gender work for women – Confront the root of women visible and subordination based dominance of phallus concept of concept of mainstreaming government subordination of valued on cultural context, (symbol of masculine performativity, masculine subsidized, women in the social Notions of multiple laws against global power) Challenged gender hegemony, Change the order femininities: sexual exploitation of The male gaze –a and sexual binaries multiple economic structure femme/but
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