Marxist feminism from Lorber

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Marxist historical materialism says that every major change in production-from hunting and gathering to farming to the industrial revolution-changes the social organization of work and family Marxist analysis of the social structure of capitalism was supposed to apply to people of any social characteristics. If you owned the means of production, you were a member of the capitalist class; if you sold your labor for a wage, you were a member of the proletariat. Although Marx and other 19 century economic theorists recognized the exploitation of wives domestic labor, it was Marxist feminism that put wives and mothers at the forefront of its analysis of the gendered structure of capitalism Wives and mothers are vital to capitalism, because their unpaid work in the home maintains bosses and workers and reproduces the next generation of bosses and workers Work in the marketplace and works in the home are inextricably intertwined in a dual system of capitalism and patriarchy. Because of their low value in the workplace, few can
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