Feminist Theories Chart

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Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Human Nature What is Woman Cause of Women's Solution Achievements Critiques Oppression Marxist- The purpose She should Capitalism exists Overthrow Improving women's Too revolutionary. Socialist of humans are ideally be a and therefore Capitalism labour conditions. Overthrowing capitalism doesn't to be socially women are being Highlighting the fact end sexism and men and women producers and productive oppressed. that work at home is are NOT the same. to survive. person. Hierarchical class not paid. Socially relations exist. Encouraging women to productive Motherhood and unionize. person. child nurturing is the reason for men to be able to produce for the economy. Psychoanalytic To develop They never Because there is a Gender More men have gender It ignores social constructs in psycholo- resolve their distinction Deconstruction: bent jobs and roles. which socially differentiated gically and Oedipus between man and More Men should Men now watch for characters or experiences arise. discover one's Complex. woman. take up feminine sexist language. It replicates on Freud's focus and sexuality. According to Masculinity and tasks to break doesn't acknowledge Freud women femininity holds down gender homosexuality, or single parent, are immoral two different sets stereotypes. transgendered, and cross national creatures of principles. Emphasis on care and racial. without a giving as a superego. After positive the experience. development of psycho analytic feminism Freud was later proved to be wrong on many accounts of his theories. Rather women wanted the power which came with the status of being male. Eco-Feminism Humans are Women are Patriarchal dualism Gender solution: Highlights destruction Biologizes women natural beings seen as the is the reason Womanhood of nature. Perpetuates patriarchal and nature is natural element behind why women should be Survival of women = stereotypes about women. linked to them of the human are discriminated separate from Survival of Nature Some western eco feminists = spiritually/ composition by men. Women man and seen as Green Belt movement "Luxury spirituality" socially/ putting them are seen as organic and and the survival of Supports band aid solutions. historically. closer to nature. Nature/Natural peaceful women in general. Violence is They are the whereas the men relationship with bad. reason are seen as cultural nature. humanity is entities. When Socio/Economic allowed to be cultures colonize Solution: sustained in the nature they are Establish a new
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