WSTA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gender Identity, Sexual Script Theory, Bw Group

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Essay has to have thesis, body and conclusion- more broader. Sex is the conditional theme male or female is defined biological characteristics and properties of body. Gender is the masculine and feminine characteristics not male and female. Thoughts, feelings and behavior associated with masculinity and feminity. Is modified, challenged through social interaction and personal. Sexuality is designed to produce eroctic desires and pleasures. Supposed to lead erotic arousals leading to genetical or non genetical. Hetrosexism is the belief of superiority of heterosexual. Homophobia is irrational hatred and fear of homosexuality. Dichotomus thinking- dimorphism- division of human catogaries of male and female. Sex gender sexuality system is based on dichotomus thinking classified into divisions of two. Systematic study of biological basis of all forms of social behavior. Argues that men are naturally polo women are monogamous. Problems: 1)thereological argument- reason and argue backward first conclude. Data selectivity 4) some arguments are just plain wrong 5) conservative and.