Summary on the Doing Desire reading.

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26 Nov 2010

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Doing Desire
- Cultural contexts that render P]o[Ƶo]Ç}ou] and dangerous divert them from the
possibilities of empowerment through their sexual desire
- }ovP]o}uµvµoµoµ}Zv]P]o[vµo]uoÇZP}}Á}uv[
- ']oP]v}vƵoUÇZv][P]ovZP}}[Á}uvv}µ}}Ƶo
outside heterosexual, monogamous marriage
- Many girls demonstrate tendency to silence their own thoughts and feelings for the sake of
relationships when what they think/feel threatens to be disruptive
- Girls look at themselves from perspective of males; thereby losing touch with their own bodily
feelings and desires
- d]}(]ov]vPÁ}uv[Ƶo]oÇvvZ]vZ]]Zo}]Ç
- Madonna/whore dichotomy is alternately powerful and subtle in cultures of adolescents
Rochelle Doing Desire t Hetereosexual
- dZ}µPZZ^Z}P}Ç(]v_vu^P_(}Ƶoo]}vZ]
- Describes her first experience of inte}µW^ZZÆµ^ZÁv]_t a response that holds no place for whether or
not she feels desire
- Even having sex within the confines of a relationship, described by some girls as a safe haven for their sexuality makes her [them]
- Z}Zoo[}vv}µZl]v}(Á}uvZuÇlv(}]u]vZ(}(µ]vP}v]}vW^tZvÇ}µP]rth
- Being thought of as sexually insatiable/out of control is a fear that many girls voice
- Z}Zoo[Á]Z}]vP]]v}Zo]}vZ]]]v}v(o]Á]ZZ(}(ÁZu]PZZv](Z]µµZ wish t
getting pregnant, a consequence she is desperate to avoid
Megan Doing Desire - Bisexual
- The power of her own desire and her doubt about her ability to control herself frighten her
- <v}ÁZP]oÁZ}o}}v}o}ÀZ]]vooZoµ[v}]Ì
- Although able to speak clearly in describing a specific experience she has had with desire, her feelings contradict/challenge societal
messages about girls and sexuality
- ^/[}}v(µ]vPUZµÇ}µZÀ}o]lÇv}Yµ](Ç}µ}v[UuÇZPµÇ[oolP}]vPvP}]vPYÇ}µv[ do that,
- Megan is caught in the contradiction between the reality of her sexual feelings and absence of her sexual feelings in the cultural
- Keenly aware of the cultural norms and images that demand heterosexuality
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