Summary on the Killing Us Softly video.

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Killing us softly 3:
- Advertising sells products; sexuality, values, morals, love and tells us most importantly about
what is normal
- Show us that women must be beautiful in order to be ideal: absolute flawlessness
- Tells us that if we are not this ideal then we are not trying hard enough
- Influences how women feel about their bodies and how men view women
- Widespread advertising also influences the amount of violence
- Objectification of womenÆ less than humanÆ able to abuse them
- Coloured women: shown in animal printsÎ msg: not fully human
- t}uv[}]Z}µ]vU}v}v}(Z}Ç]µ
- Obsessed with breasts: breast enhancers, bras, breast enlargement
- Women lose feeling in their breasts after surgery: move them from being object of her pleasure
}}u}vo[WMoves women from a subject to an object
- KvoÇÀZ^]o_- supermodel body when only less than 5% of population have this
body type
- 1 in 5 young women have eating disorders and almost 4 out of 5 are those that
- Cutting girls down to size, silencing them (hands over mouth, lips sewn together, sometimes in
- Body language is passive, vulnerable, postures,
- In 1999 all the ads in a parenting magazine all showed boys as aggressive and girls are passive
- Unless when race is introduced when power is shown
- ^Ç}µZÀZ]PZ}u]vÆÇ_vyou have the right to be an object
- Sexy to be like a little girl because innocence Is sexier than you think
- Supposed to be innocent and sexy, virginal and experienced
- Sex is Both more important and less important than our cultural shows: sex sells everything, but
sex is also about relationship and intimacy:
- Teens are hyper-sexualized in advertising
- W}ou]v[}µÆµ]Ztrivialization of sex, about using pornography in advertising
(bondage in advertising)
- Shadowy figure lurking in background says romance is about to begin trivializes the issue, shows
violence and dominance as erotic
- Ads imply that women enjoy being forced to have sex
- Normalize and trivialize battering
- Increase in ads that objectify men t seen as a kind of equality but there are no real
consequences for being objectified
- Boys grow up in culture where men are shown as perpetuators of violence
- Human qualities are rounded up and split into male and female: aggressive= male, passive =
female end up being half or less of what we could otherwise be
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