Marxist Feminism

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Marxist Feminism
Definition of Human Nature
Human nature= abi l ity to produce our means of subsistence
oWe need our basic needs to sur vive in this capitalist society, such means are skills
required for various positions
oHuman are labouring animals
oWe are who we are because of what we produce
oMen and women are oppressed by capitalism
oWhat divides us is class difference not gender difference
oEx. Upper class people acquire more rights and freedom than working class people
oSimilar to Liberalism, Marxist feminists argue that men and women are same in terms of
our interests in our society
Definition of Womanhood/ Femininity
Women are socially, production person
She is defined not by her sex, but by where she is located (working class, middle class etc)
because women in upper class are different than wom en in working class; upper class women
dont earn means of product i on
Marxist feminists focus on class
The Causes of Womens oppression
Womens power for sex and body are controlled by men, men will make sure that their wife are
giving birth to their children and this is how subordination occurs
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