WSTA03H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Man Man, Queer Theory, Ecofeminism

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Theorizing is a form of informed speculation; it is not specific but defines general patterns. It finds relationships among social patterns explaining (ex. something causes other things/correlation). Theory consists of arguments and explanations it is not just a statement but a set of abstract principles which is the outcome of given facts in relation to one another. Theory is not a guess but provides reasons and analysis of things and involves complexity. A theory doesn"t have to be the true description of reality but most times it just interprets reality and open grounds for other explanations- opens new horizons. The effects of theory include: challenges "common sense", offers an alternative explanation, questions assumptions, unsettles that which is taken for granted. Examples of theory: why some men are violent against women in general- men abuse women b/c they have problem struggling with their temper conscious decision to abuse women (target of abuse), Hegemonic masculinity encourages men to be violent against women.