WSTA03H3 Study Guide - Eating Disorder, Killing Us Softly, Penis Envy

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In order to understand the depth of issues discussed in this review, you must consult readings and lecture notes. Important lecture: how to think about theory. It does not have to be the true description of reality. Theorizing is finding important general patterns; theory explains the why and how (e. g. , why are men abusive we should answer why and how they are violent: theory"s effects. Unsettles that which is taken for granted. Good short answer what is feminism and what is theorizing. We talk about 6 important items about what is feminism: Many women who do not adhere to the role of womanhood" are still forced to be women: what is feminist theory. Examines the conditions in which men are more powerful. Explains the construction of masculinity and femininity. Feminist theory is concerned with women"s inequality and also with gender asymmetry;

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