WSTA03H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Queer Theory, Feminist Theory

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Week 1 feminist theory: how to think about theory. Like if susan and amina stopped talking to each other and people are speculating why they stopped this is not a theory. Because truth or false of these statement could be made clear very easily. It does not have to be the true description of reality: theory explains the why and how. We have to find relationships between social patterns for example relationship are causes of something and co-relational (happening at the same time) this is theory: not personal experience and no one theory tells you the whole truth. Men have more accidents then women and it was thought to be because they are bad drivers. The real explanation was that men drive more than woman because there isn"t scientific evidence that women are better drivers. Without theories facts are just facts and aren"t important. Unsettles that which is taken for granted.