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Week 7:
Participatory Action Research (PAR) – A community based methodology that involves
both university-based researchers and local participants.
-The goal of PAR is to transform social inequalities and it came out of feminist
-PAR – ethical research and ethnography. Creating social network and support
between each other. It means of systematic enquiry for all participants in the
quest for greater effectiveness through democratic participation.
-Example: Given in class A PAR study in Canada on violence against
immigrant women. Association between immigration and domestic violence.
oChanges in gender roles and the family
oMistrust and/or lack of information about services and resources for
domestic violence
oCommunity and personal attitudes towards domestic violence
oLanguage barriers
Background: WAAV conducted in Manitoba came up with a training program to help
immigrant women learn about domestic violence for themselves and communities. Using
participatory workshop format and discuss the issue of violence against women. It was to
enhance women’s capacity to become informal resources in their communities on family
-Focus group interviews as the main method of data collection.
-Literature review showed PAR is very beneficial to participants and
empowers them.
-Mens involvement is required/ important
-After research participants returned to community and spread what they
learned which is the point of PAR. This research became a social network as
Week 8: Research Proposal:
3 Main components:
1. Statement of the problem – functions as intro. Discuss what project is about. Intro
covers what the research problem is, the context, general goals and definition of key
2. Literature Review – to identify knowledge gap
3. Research Design (Methodology) –
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