Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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Positivism: philosophy that holds that the only authentic knowledge is that which is
based on actual sense experience
Coined by Auguste Comte a modern sociologist
Observe and measure
Also referred as scientific ideology believe in necessity off progress
through scientific progress
In psychology a positivist approach is favoured by behaviourism and
dominated the field during the rise of it
Methodology: focused on specific ways, the methods we can use to try to understand
our world better
Epistemology: knowledge, philosophy of knowledge, the f ormer involves philosophy of
how we come to know the world and the latter involves the practice
Empiricism (“Theory of Knowledge”): theory of knowledge which asserts knowledge
arises from experience emphasize the role of experience and evidence
Feminist Empiricism: which sees andocentric s science as bad science
Feminist Standpoint: takes various positions, including radical and socialist
Postmodern Feminist: criticizes standpoints and sees no perfect answer, seek
counterbalance rather than equalize by creating an opposite, perpetuate what they are
trying to eradicate
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