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University of Toronto St. George

ANA 301SMULTIPLE CHOICE FEBRUARY 7 2011 Time90 minutesNo AidsValue THIS EXAMINATION IS WORTH 35 OF YOUR FINAL MARK IN ANA 301SINSTRUCTIONS 1 Print and code your student number and name in the spaces provided on the computer sheetCode surname first beginning in the first columnbe sure you code your name and student number2 All answers must be marked by an ordinary HB pencilFill in the appropriate space completely and darklyYou may erase an incorrect answer but do so completely3 For each question READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLYAll questions are of equal valueThere is only one appropriate answer to each question pages of questionsPlease check that all 4 Excluding the cover page there are 11pages are present before starting the examination NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED BY THE INVIGILATORS DURING THE EXAMINATION 1 Which one of the following would most likely be affected by developmental failure of the normal pattern of differentiation of endodermA The gluteus maximus muscle B The epidermis C The lining of the peritoneal cavity D The secretory cells in the lining of the trachea E Then smooth muscle of the pyloric sphincter2 During gametogenesis in the female the second meiotic division begins A during fetal life B at puberty C just before ovulation D just after ovulation E at the time of fertilization3 Select the one best completion The release of cortical granulesA is necessary before acrosome reaction can take place B takes place when the sperm binds to the ZP3 glycoprotein C is necessary before zona reaction can take place D facilitates zona penetration by the sperm cells E is necessary before the sperm can attach to the secondary oocyte4 Which one of the following is not normally a part of the process of fertilizationA Type G mucus in the cervix B Capacitation C Formation of the two polar bodies D Formation of two pronuclei E Acrosome reaction5 All of the following are characteristics of the primary follicles found in the ovary but one Select the one that does not belongA Gap junctions B An oocyte nucleus that contains 46 chromosomes C Androgensecreting cells in the theca D Cuboidalshaped follicular cells E Fluidfilled spaces between the follicular cells1
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