ANT100Y1 Study Guide - Meiosis, Pelvic Inlet, Ecological Niche

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ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
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Anthropology term 1 study guide lehman 10-12-07 1:54 am. Evolutionary anthropology: application of modern evolutionary theory to studies of the morphology, ecology and behaviour of human and non-human primates. Primatology: scientific study of non-human primates, primate anatomy, field studies of wild animals, primate psychology, etc. Paleoanthropology: multi-disciplinary study of biological evolution of humans and non- human primates and advent of and changes in human cultural activities, evolutionary history of behaviour in human and non-human primates. Human variation: spatial and temporal variations in human features i. e. geographic and climatic variations in body size, skin colour, and eye colour. Medical anthropology: the social, environmental, and biological factors influence health and illness of individuals at the community, regional, national, and global levels. Forensic anthropology: focuses only on skeletal remains of humans, forensic anthropologists seek to determine the age, sex, stature, ancestry, and any trauma or disease of the deceased.