ANT100Y1 Study Guide - Lascaux, Social Stratification, Oldowan

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ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
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Anthropology term 1 study guide - watts 10-12-07 1:54 am. 3 typical elements of archaeological research: unobserved material culture, unobserved human/non-human activity interpretation/explanation of human activity. Archaeological record: the matrices in which artifacts, ecofacts, sites and other human manufactured features or results of past actions are found. any portable object whose form has been shaped by way of human activity: features. non portable material evidence of human activity: ecofacts. macrofossils: visible to the naked eye, can be retrieved through flotation or normal excavation. microfossils: pollen, phytoliths (found in soils or residues) adhering to artifacts, retrieved through mechanical and chemical disaggregation, visible only under high-power magnification, Archaeological site: geographic areas that contain evidence of the past human behaviour and activity www. notesolution. com, usually consists of a collection of activity areas containing any of the following, artifacts, ecofacts, features. Provenience (provenance: the location of an artifact or feature within a site.

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