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ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
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Archaeological record: the matrices in which artifacts, ecofacts, sites and other human-manufactured features or results of past human actions are found. Three typical elements of archaeological research: observed material culture, unobserved human and non-human activity: cannot be directly observed, material sources and must be inferred. Interpretation of human activity: we don"t try to explain, but interpret. Artifacts: any portable object whose form has been shaped (manufactured, modified) by way of human activity. Can be further subdivided into: macrofossils: visible to the naked eye, typically plant materials. Can be retrieved through flotation or normal excavation processes. Corn in harvested and processed the carbonized: microfossils: visible only under high-power magnification, 200x or greater. Pollen, phytoliths; can be retrieved through flotation only, adhered to pots or stone tools etc. Archaeological site: can be defined in a number of ways, usually consists if a collection of activity areas containing any of the following.

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