ANT204H1 : Lost treasures of Afghanistan

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27 Apr 2011

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If you only saw this film, what would you think was happening in 2006 in. I t seemed as though war was over, nothing was going on. The taliban are presented as cold people, real people are emotional, they care and cry and get upset. Haiti was the first wave of colonialism, and with the second wave, we saw that colonialism set up through divide and rule. Where people adopoted and were willing to kill and die for the identities molded by the colonists. We are trying to look at a history that bridges two very important eras. 2 cold war- post second ww war, begins with relationships between. 1989- berlin wall falls in 1991, the countires that were united under the ussr begin to divde as there is no economic means to maintain. What are the pressures and processes to ending the second wave of colonialism.

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