ANT208H1 Quiz: PSY100 Term Test 1 Notes

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2 Oct 2014

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The brain works through the actions of neurotransmitters (chemicals: brain chemistry, the human genome that communicate messages between nerve cells) have discovered links between genes and behavior discovered, watching the working brain. Visual cliff infants become wary of heights early on: modern minds in stone age skulls, according to evolutionary theory, we need to be aware of the challenges that our ancestors faced if we want to understand whether our behavior is adaptive or maladaptive, e. g. foods high in fat and sweet were a necessity to survival in prehistoric times, nowadays we have an abundance of foods as such that are in excess that are maladaptive as they lead to obesity, culture provides adaptive solutions, most adaptive challenges involve dealing with other humans(cid:224) operating in hunting, forming alliances, etc. selecting mates, co , many of cultures rules reflect adaptive solutions worked out by previous generations.

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