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James Stinson

. Power is Sweet by Gail Hollander - ethanol assemblage: includes states, corporations, growers, technologies, urban consumers and rural communities and landscapes - attention to sugarcane ethanol* - sugarcane is the ‘new oil’>sugar as an ethanol source marks a return of the commodity's once mighty stature in world trade - sugar was oil from 17 -19 century because single most traded commodity - New alliances between Brazil and the US for global ethanol production, transport, and trade are revitalizing and expanding the centuries-old sugarcane plantation system in the Americas…could alter agriculture production and land use, displacing peasant crop production and reducing biodiversity - US technocrats, politicians, and capitalists promoted agrofuels as a hemispheric project in contrast to the domestic agro-commodity protectionism characteristic of previous times o clearing land to promote biofuels such as ethanol will do more to exacerbate global warming than using gasoline or other fossil fuels>studies focused on emission of greenhouse gases brought about by land use change, due to the release of carbon sequestered in existing forests and grasslands>researchers concluded that converting rainforests, peatlands, savannas, or grasslands in Southeast Asia, Latin America, or the US would increase global warming pollution for decades, if not centuries>corn-based ethanol nearly doubles greenhouse emissions over 30 years, as compared to gasoline - *Conceptualizing the multi scalar geographies of sugar ethanol - The potential for expansion of corn ethanol is seen as limited, with current production geographically restricted primarily to the US with a small amount produced in China and South Africa, whereas sugarcane, as a much more efficient feedstock, is understood to have ‘much greater potential to supply a significant portion of the world's transport fuels’ - the nation-state is actively employed in constructing the ‘global’ and how, as global capabilities are inserted into the nation state, there is a corresponding shift away from the domestic constituency, along
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