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Lecture 1-6 Final Exam Review Study Guide Apr 8 2009

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Marcel Danesi

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Socio-Cultural Lectures (Condensed) LECTURE 1: Cultured Beasts N What is Culture? o Learned, shared, dynamic, functional, conflictive N Ethnocentric: Putting own culture in top N Ethnocentric Evolutionists o 72K,L7!K,80 Z47NL3J1742411L.0 -> Field WorkParticipation Observation o Ex: Malinowski Australia= Native Village (Trobian Islanders) Learned language, lived with natives, participate observation, field work- committed himself to culture for 2 yrs N Comparative Method: Thinking about difference N Reflexive AntK7454O4J44NL3J4;07103.0,9L1107039Z,8414L3J9KL3J8 LECTURE 2: The Power of Culture and The Culture of Power N Learning Culture o Starts from birth (taught directly)-> absorbed-> emulation (copying)-> testing cultural meaning (correcting ourselves if necessary) N Myths o Magical stories, Complex, symbolic tales, tell moral stories o Contemporary myths: displayed in movies N Analyzing Myths o Functionalist (Cognitive) Myths teach us about our place in nature, supernatural forces, and give us clues as to where we fit in the grand scheme of things Function of myths is to satisfy our questions about the world that would otherwise be difficult to answer (where do we come from? Why are we here?) o Structuralist (Claude Levi-Strauss, Symbolic Analysis, Universal Human Problems) Analyze the symbols found in the myth (main characters, events, themes, types) Myths never perfectly resolve the problem Myths become subtly adjusted to reflect present reality Give us a way to talk about difficult human problems N **MOVIE** o Lord of the Rings & Chronicles Moral tale about how to live in human life Reinforces power, authority and hierarchy, organized military (Power= goodbad) Allow some ppl to be in power as long as we choose the noblejust N IntegrativeExploitative Theories of Social Stratification o How are
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