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Outline History of Origin of Early Homo East and South African fossil sites with Homo tools and Australopthecine Hobo habilis and Homo rudolfensisTrue Homo or AustralopithecineOldwean tools Points to Africa and say and we have to look at Apesthere are 2 apes in Africa and only 1 in Indonesiao This was just one viewwe might take it for granted but at the time it was a big thingo Today we will look at a family that studied in Indonesia Asian European or African OriginDarwin and Africa Haeckle Dubois and JavamanHaeckleconvinced that ancestor would lie in far East Dubois his student went to Indonesia and found remains that had hallmarks of being an old humano They had large brain o These specimens together have been called Java mano This was found in Indonesia so it opened ways to study in IndoNeandetherals are also biped and they have humanlike traits There are still debates on it though British were jealous that they were not finding human ancestor remains So Piltdown said he found cranium bolt in Europe the largest scientific fraudHe glued back the pieced together and also found mandible Thing that was intriguing about it was that there were only molars showing Piltdown man had large brain and a VERY robust jaw like man It has dentition like rowrounded Had humanlike head particularly robust canine and robust mandibleo Function of dentition wouldnt work this way thougho It was a medieval human skull fossil orangutan mandible and chimp canineTaungAt the same time Taung child was discovered tiny fossil cranium of 6yearoldDiscovered by Raymond Dart U of Witwatersrand in S AfricaThey thought it was a bigger discovery but this was something else So academic community said instead of having large brain first it was bipedal first so they rejected this as human ancestor at firstJava man was the earliest of human erectus formAt about 25 million years ago you see adaptive radiationspread of many different species living in same area where you normally only find one species in one space There is 15 million years overlap253 million years ago earth was moving to pilocene boundariesbeginning of great ice ageExactly what we see in adaptive radiation when see major shiftWe see extreme drying desperate time for species On the very right side there is rapid change and variability in the environment Olduvai gorge and early homoLouis and Mary Leaky 1959 o 7m below Bed 1 2117 MYA o Dear Boy OH5tools and animal boneso Boisei at Olduvai Gorge Post orbital constriction We thought this was the next step in human ancestor because it was found with bones and toolsIn 1960o Beds 1 and 2 inbetween form of Australopithecines and Homo erectus Bigger brains and studies of hand bonesprecision grip and true handy man Homo habiliso Homo habilis We know it is older than 22 million years ago because it was found 7m below Bed IIt was found with post cranial remainsWe need to find muscle movement in order to make stone toolsOH24 Twiggy and OH5 Dear BoyOh24 Twiggyo Some parts of it is missingo Precision grip o Important how much less post orbitalthis means there is expanded brainOlduvai early Homo compared to Australopithecines If compared OH24 and 25 twiggy is smaller but much larger brain sizeThere was debate when twiggy was found becauseo We had to compare them to what trait was already known and there was only 2o They said Twiggy was Austropithecine because it has small brain o But it has more important hallmarks that is close to humanCompleted dentitionReduced size of back teeth but still capable of dealing with rouch foods nuts Larger anterior teeth Means it is becoming more generalized Tear things like meat
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