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University of Toronto St. George
Lindsay Bell

ANT102 – Review for Final Exam Friday December 16 DV- Cafe C (hu-Lu) Same format as midterm 6 short answer questions (have to answer 3) 4) Terence Turner argues that? Human beings are born naked but are everywhere in clothes (or their symbolic equivalents).? What does he mean? a) people use their bodies and their clothes to communicate meaning b) clothing and nakedness are the same thing c) people always prefer wearing clothes over nakedness d) colonian forced colonized populations into clothes e) all the above 5) Early modern english (the language of shakespeare) differed from contemporary english by a) distinguishing first and second person in the form of the verb b) distinguishing second and third person in the form of the verb c) distinguishing second and fourth person in the form of the verb d) distinguishing second and third person in the form of the noun e) distinguishing first and second person in the form of the noun i have thou hath he haste first i am- speaker you are- hearer recipient he is- person being talked about he/she/it What is generalized reciprocity and what evidence do we have that such a sytem also exists in Western contexts? • Market exchange, reciprocal forms of change – different principles • you don't expect the time or amount- you don't expect gift to be returned by point of set or time • ex) the gift relationship that exists between friends and family and you are there to give, recieve and return. • If you are in line with friend and forgot wallet, your friend will pay because at some point you will return the favour • reciprocity is a system where people are accentuated in existng reltionships to recieve and return • meat distribution among small crowds • the hunter who makes the kill distribute the meat amongst people in the social group with understanding that him and his family will get the least amount but he knows that next time someone makes a kill he will get a big portion of the meat • based on the principle of balancing out • these are non market societies in contr
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