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5132013 15000 PM ANT100 Summer 2013 Monday May 13 2013What is anthropologyHolistic science of humansIncludes closest human relatives primates Second half is modern humans Archeology is the material remains of ancient humans Medical is biological and social Evolutionaryanthro Physical forms functions that allow us to evolve and to beextinctWho contributed what general ideas Who said what Basic conceptsHow do they do this stuffWe are surrounded by diversity there are cultural differences Paleoanthroplooking at extinct things Information transmissionPaleoanthropologyfossil studies teeth and bones things that have been turned to stonebehavior of our ancestorsmedical anthropologychanges in culture and society how can we have kids starving in one area of the world and we have kids that are obese in another part of the worldforensiccan you identify who that is by the skull are we perfect example of evolution How do you tell us from a lemurapecatdog What is the evolutionary record of our existenceScientific method Must be refutableSgftrsrState gather form test recordand analyze state repeatUnderstand difference between theory in the world vs a theory in science must be testable again and againIf you disagreed with a church they could take your life there was no scientific method Age of the earth Crinology based on adam and evethis was accepted as law if you disagreed you could have everything taken from you your family could be killed etc etcThe testaments say that we were created in gods image If god is eternal our form must be eternalfixity of species therefore evolution doesnt apply to usEwaipanoma no scientific method so we couldnt proverefute ewaipanomaWe are divine creations of god himselfCarolus linnaesusFamous botanist from finland Cataloguing everything everything had to have a unique name and we need to group things in slightly broader categoriesspecies genusHe wasnt thinking about evolution he was cataloguing gods work He could never get to the end he provided us with binomial nomenclature in latin because its a dead language so it will never changeScala NaturaeGod created things in different levels We were created unequally to everything else we were the penultimate being He secretly put us in the same group as apes but this was heresayGeorgeLouis Leclerc The gardener to King Louis XIV Observed that some organs become vestigial not used anymoreThe church found out and he had to recant or be killed even the king told him to burn his book Pandoras box ideas were outJeanBaptiste Lamarck Acquired traits developed through use or disuse passed to future generations inheritance of acquired characteristics vital forces that under chancestrong force could change characteristics and be imprinted in the offspring George Cuvier He could identify the bone from the species it came from people found bones of hippopotamous and crocodiles deep under france took them to himtropical swampland in paris There must have been a massive catastrophe that killed these speciesdemonstrated that things can go extinct or extracation extinction in a specific place no hippos in paris but they exist elsewhereJames HuttonRocks minerals Uniformitariamisn geological processes waterwind erosionvolcanos etc etc have been happening since the earth was formed there cant be stasis its constantly changing we know how long it takes to erodewe can figure out the age of the earth Charles Lyell Principles of geology took everything and fit them together
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