Study Guide for Term Test 1 [Bio Part 1]

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University of Toronto St. George
Christopher Watts

TT1-Review-Biology Physical Antropology Section (please use Lecture Notes as main material, this is just used for Org purpose + Book Keywords& Highlights) Hominini ~]ZZ Key key words Genus Homo Australopithecus Salhelanthropus* Kenyanthropus* Ardipithecus* Orrorin* Pan Bio + Evolution: Key Terms: (in order of appearance or connectiveness) Term Key key key words Evolutionary antho Morphology, ecology, behaviour of human and non-human primates (living and extinct) Disciplines Primatology e.g living primates, conservation *tropical Paleoanthropology eg paleo- fossil? , change cultural, evo history Human variation e.g natural selection, geo climate, body size, skin colour Medical antho e.g heart disease, evol, Foresic antho eg dental skull in legal setting Early Naturalists: Carolous Linnaeus System- phy resembles, species, genus, religious (not evolutionist), places human with primates in same grp -taxonomy- describe name classify -binomial nomenclature- Latin -vs later- [typological] systematic classify J by common traits vs. later morphological George Lousi, Connie Many theories turned to be true e.g. Earth history age, founded Biogeography J dif env dif plantsanimal de Buffon against Fixity of species: God, create and always exist [~Creationism] like Catastrophism- event- cause extinction Jean-Bapiste Lamark 1 describe inheritance of acquired characteristcs in extre sitatuion, starting tree reach, no longer needed gone Charles Darwin Ship, no fixity of species, fossil, variety- why- must be good for them, cross eassy by Thoomas Maltus on pop, species adapt to env, Natural selection- all species must shared common ancestior, nature is selecting the ind. Trait that carry the right varieties; some ppl will not pass on their genetic to next; a process resulting in survival and perception related to env Alfred Russel Wallace- wrote him about diversity Origin of Species published suggest there is struggle for existence, variation in fitness (Darwin fitness) J making babies!!!Lsome possess trait enable to surive and produce more of spring sucessfuly that in some env. (fav traits) ~, inheritance of variance- adv traints get passed on normally~more common if adv N -}}^}o]}L_]L]Z]ion
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