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Sharonna Greenberg

Michel KiflenPraisepunishment or bothAPS Ch 7 8 12 Study SheetUnconsciouslyCh 7Socialization and Social RestraintoParents are role modelsSocializationprocess through which Tellingreading storiesto entertainindividual acquires selfidentity and social instructskillsEncouraging contact with other peopleSocialization depends on heredity and oCultural groups sportsenvironmentSocializationoLearned by interacting with peopleSchoolsoBegins in early childhoodSignificant for 3 reasonsoStrongly influences the kind of person you becomeoCarry out socializing tasks that used to be carried out by familyoStrongest during childhood to early adulthoodoBoth parents workingLife long processoSpend JKGr 12 in schoolAdults may need resocialization24 years in postsecondaryWhen entering new jobs need to be re1618 years in education socializedsettingAll societies socialize their membersPeersoAvoid disorderconfusionGrown in importance over yearsoEstablish ground rules oFamilies not as important as child matures into adolescenceoEnsures people obey societys normsvaluesDeclines in importancePrimary agent individual learns basic oPeers dont play as big of a role normsvalues of society during childhoodafter adolescenceSecondary agent individual learns further Serve as reference groupsocial behavioursnormsoSome you go to for support in lifeFamily The Primary Agent of SocializationTeach thingshandling conflict Direct orderscommandsparticipation sharing
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