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Macroevolution and Evolutionary Anthro 21:06 Macroevolution refers to large-scale changes at or above the species level, extending over a geological era, and resulting in the formation of new taxonomic groups. Whats a Species? - a single, distinct class of living creature with features that distinguish it from other species. Biological Species Concept (BSC) a species represents a population of individuals that varies from other species in a variety of ways and that individuals in a population exchange genes by interbreeding. biological features prevent one species from breeding with another species Phylogenetic Species Concept (PSC) a species is the smallest aggregation of (sexual) populations diagnosable by unique combination of character states. it requires a researcher to measure and analyze character states of a sample of individuals in and between populations. Whats Speciation? - Allopatric speciation: some form of physical barrier c
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