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Michael Chazan

Anyang East AsiaCapital city of Shang dynasty 15541045 BC millet agricultureBanpo ChinaLarge farming village dated to the Yangshou culturemuch pottery there toomillet dogs and pigs were fully domesticated48004000 BCUrn burials for 73 children hereCahokia United StatesLarge settlement dating to the Mississippian Period Monks moundmassive earthen pyramidcore of the ancient settlementPopulation range estimated from 400040000occupied from 1000 to 1400 ADChavin de Huantar PeruAndes mountains 900200 BCCopan MesoamericaIn Honduras was a large Mayan city with two large pyramids and an elaborate ball court at its centre dates to 426 AD self supporting villagesth Cuzco Inca EmpireCapital city for the Inca Empire15 century til 1532Saqsawaman temple to the sun and a fortress El Paraiso Peru 20001400 BCSite from the Cotton Preceramic periodlarge sites with monumental architecture prevalence of cotton seeds absence of pottery Giza EgyptPyramids built thereCheops biggest one Cepheren Mycerinusheight of pyramid buildingCapital of the first unified Egyptian state Guila Naquitz MexicoEarliest evidence of domesticated plants in the Americasoldest dated maizeteosinte bottle gourd squash beansCave community in valley of Oaxaca80006500 BC Heirakonpolis EgyptPainted tomb here earliest example of painted walls in EgyptWadis River early dynastic period Kuk Swamp New Guinea9000 years ago early agriculture systems drainage canalsLa Venta MexicoOlmec capital1200400 BCLepenski Vir SerbiaMesolithic village64004900 BC Machu Picchu MexicoResidential place for Incas empire14381471 BCmaze of buildingsamazing architecture Mallaha IsraelDomestication of goatsNatufian site MohenjoDaro PakistanMound of mohanIndus civilization26001900 BCMonte Alban MexicoZapotec civilization 500700 ADdisembedded capital city city cult away from major populations Ohallo II IsraelNeolithic revolution21000 BC st Poverty Point MississippiMound civilization 2200700 BC 1 complex culturePueblo Bonito Chaco Canyon8501200 ADlargest great house siteStonehenge England150 enormous stones in circular pattern 2000 BCTenochtitlanAztec capital 1325 AD most powerful capital in Mesoamerica Uan Afuda Cave SyriaCentral saharaseeds from flood plains Ur southern IraqMost important Sumerian city state 20251738 BC Tell elMuqayyarstructures found thereAGRICULTURE
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