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Xueda Song

ANT203 Test 3 DefinitionsArchonta a group of mammals consisting of the orders Primates Plesiadapiformes Scadentia Dermoptera and ChiropteraBilophodont molars that half four cusps oriented in two parallel rows a trait characteristic of Old World monkeysCatarrhine member of Catarrhini a parvorder of Primates one of the three major divisions of the suborder Haplorhini contains the Old World monkeys apes and humansCrown group all of the taxa that come after a major speciation event easier to identify than stem groups because the members possess the clades shared derived traitsDental apeEuarchonta the superorder designated for the sister closely related orders of tree shrews flying lemurs and primatesEuprimate True primates a term coined by Elwyn Simons in 1972 Haplorhines members of the primate suborder Haplorhini which includes tarsiers monkeys apes and humansIsland hopping traveling from one island to the nextLast Common Ancestor LCA the final evolutionary link between two related groupsOrthograde referring to an upright body positionrelates to the position of the head and torso during sitting climbing
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