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Leslie Jermyn

ANT204 Film and Tutorial Notes May 05, L01 - Magnificent African Cake What motivated Europeans to take over most of Africa in the late 19 century and how did they decide which bits to claim for themselves? - Scramble for Africa o A process of invasion, occupation, colonisation and annexation of African territory by the western powers - Berlin conference, 1884-5 o Regulated colonization and trade in Africa. It is the formalisation of the Scramble for Africa and ushered in a period of increased colonial activity on the part of the European powers, while at the same time rendering the African people powerless (eliminate their autonomy) - New sources of raw materials for factories - New market for its manufacturers - New positions of advantage over economic rivals - No matter how absurd, one must get hold of a position more advantageous than your rivals o E.g., Britain and the Gambia River territory thin strip of land the length of the river and the width of a few miles (modern Gambia). Surrounded by French territory. How did they treat colonial subjects? How did they manage colonies? - Harsh treatment of natives, exploitative, no respect - Only by asserting that the natives are helpless and savage could Christian Europe justify their taking of their country away from them - Conquest = ruthless killings - Disregard the natives (rule the land as if theres no indigenous people) whenever good water and fertile land are found, settlers should be installed without questioning whose land it may be
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