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ANT204 Final Exam Questions 2013

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University of Toronto St. George

ANT204H1S –Anthropology of the Contemporary World *PLEASE NOTE :T HERE MAY BE MINOR CHANGES TO THE EXAM QUESTIONS AND FORMAT . S TUDENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED OF ANY MINOR CHANGES BEFORE THE EXAM * INSTRUCTIONS - There are three parts to this exam. You must answer questions in each part. - For Part 1 and Part 2 you do not have to answer all of the questions. There is only 1 question in Part 3 that must be answered. - You may write as much as you want for each question but succinct answers are encouraged. - Responses should draw upon the course lectures, readings, tutorials and guest lecture. - It is important to relate the authors’ names to their key ideas and case studies. Dates of the articles are not required. - For all questions use examples from the course material to support your responses. - Point form is not recommended. - No outside aids are allowed. - The evaluation of your responses will be based upon: o Engagement with the course themes and debates o Critical thinking o Clarity of argument/response o Specificity of response o Use of course material to articulate your response o Use of examples from the course material to support your response PART 1: KEYWORDS AND K EY PHRASES (5 MARKS EACH – 20M ARKS T OTAL ) Five of the following twelve terms and phrases will be on the final exam. You will be required to respond to four of them: Explain the meaning/s and significance of the following terms and phrases as they have been discussed within this course and provide an example or case study from the course to further demonstrate their significance. 1. "To make the strange seem familiar and the familiar seem strange" 2. Ethnocentric fallacy versus the relativistic fallacy 3. Civilized: primitive binary 4. The development lens 5. Indeterministic ideas of nature 6. “The trouble with wilderness is that it expresses and reproduces the very values it tries to reject” 7. Ideas of nature inevitably code ideas about people 8. It takes modern means to be indigenous 9. Egocentric versus sociocentric identities 10. Social stratification and social hierarchy 11. Neoliberalism 12. Struggles over nature are always struggles over meanings Page 1 of 3 ANT204H1S Anthropology of the Contemporary World PART 2:S HORT ANSWER Q UESTIONS (10M ARKS EACH –40 M ARKS T OTAL ) Five of the following ten questions will be appear on your exam. You will be required to respond to four of the questions. 1. An important theme of this course is that everything we encounter in our lives evokes a particular mea
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