african Genocide part two

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University of Toronto St. George
Leslie Jermyn

African Genocides: Part Two 00:05 1750s cloth production none of the families was exclusively reliant upon making this cloth for their business. Merchants started to get annoyed at the limitations, not working to the speed that they wanted. They figured a better way would be to locate their machinery They wanted to build in northern cities, wanted workers to come to them. Merchants had issues attracting sufficient people to the cities to do their work. The industrial factory system should have stopped there as they were not willing to set themselves up in this way Other factors pushed things along. The enclosures act: the enclosures ACTS there are many, not just one 1830s, passed through governments, each gives permission to the farmer to enclose his farm. Not a single one was ever declined. This was because the farmers were proposing to change the way farming was actually done. Produce more food and wool. They planned to clear more land and be more productive. Why did they appeal to enclouse? Much of the land was subject to numerous types of rights. Gleaning the fields after harvesting, use water from rivers, shoot ducks in the marsh etc. when the farmer asked for enclosure he was asking for the rights of the common people to stop . It was a legal change, stating that the land was now exclusively his own.1. The consequence was that those that managed to make a living based upon access to the farmers land, they now lost that right and income and food. 2. Sheep production, over food production, you need fewer hands to help, so what happens is the farmer no longer needs as many workers. 12-16 hours a day, for little pay, people usually avoided doing it. Despite the enclousures act the government is still not attracting enough to the cities. They develop the poor and vagrancy laws. You were forced to go to a work house which is essentially a factory. Huge numbers of rural british people were stuck. If they did not have a job they were forced into work houses, which did not even pay. Finally there is a situation in which majority is working in the factories. What we want to do is dispel the mythology of bringing Civilization to colonial settings, it was purely business. Divide and rule An attempt to divide existing groups in order to have them work for you. Bribery, trickery, etc etc Can be used as a military strategy One of the ways they did this was taxation. Taxation You can tax in three ways: money, labour, and product.
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