Haiti Lecture One

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University of Toronto St. George
Leslie Jermyn

Haiti Part One 1. Haitian History in Breif French, kreole , santo damingo, in the latter part of the 1500s other European countries decided they wanted parts in the new world. Began competing through pirating French established a colony off the coast called Tortuga, they hunted wild bores and then sold the cured meats. ( buccaneers ) in 1697- ( treaty of Ryswick) sandoming, france converted it to a great colony, did it by importing African slaves and forced them to grow sugar canes. Primary wealth was coming out of sugar produced through slave economy. 1789- French revolution, sandoming accounted for __ of French trade. end of 1700s it was a powder cake- ready to explode- whitesmulatos slaves the mulatos had established themselves as the banker class the slave uprisings , this powdercake began to explode. 1804- Haitian independence. french withdraw . first non white colony to establish its independence from a white colony. Profound significance at the time there were a lot of people who still believed in their right to own slaves. The new elite is the efrenchies mulatos, the begin to control the government and leave the africans without any power 2. Colonial Reprecussions the levels that existed before independence still exist, and they are did not get out from under the economic guilt of colonialism until 1947, continued economic enslavement. Once Haiti establishes independence , france sends the gun boats back to Haiti, they will invade again unless they pay repercussions the us back the French as they could not stand the idea of a coloured nation being independent demanded the payment of 150 million franks. Profits that would have gone to French government. lousiana was sold for 60 million, which was much larger than haiti, but black republic should pay 150 , although they had no money to their name. since they have to borrow it , they have to borrow from French banks. Eventually reduced the bill to 90 million franks. forced to grow their own food, prohibited from socializing after midnight. The entire hatian revolution had been planned by midnight planning. These people could not organize themselves. small scale commerce or trade was prohibited. They could not sell produce, and make profit amongst themselves, only among urban centers. Means of production to funnel through government in order to establish profit. www.notesolution.com
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