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Brief study guide for ANT 208 MIDTERM_2013.pdf

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Dan Sellen

  Brief study guide for ANT 208 midterm Topic Key terms and concepts Anthropology Holistic approach, subfields, culture, ethnography, ethnology, emic and etic perspectives, fieldwork, applied anthropology, evolutionary anthropology Medical anthropology Defining health, disease, illness, sickness, suffering, major theoretical approaches, authoritative/authoritarian vs. folk models , medicalization, locus of health, population and individual health, defining death Definitions and categories (nosologies), top causes of death and Major diseases disability (variation and changes), burden of disease, individual vs population health, health hazards, health gradients, multi -level disease causes, social determinants of health, developmental origins of adult disease, secular changes in lifespan and types of disease s, disease risk transition, Common components (healers, diagnoses, etc), healing and sick roles, Healing systems biomedicine, evidence based medicine, alternative and complementary medicine, medical pluralism , power and healing, placebo, nocebo Evolutionary biology Definition of evolution, genes, genotype, phenotype, adaptation, mechanisms of genetic evolution, processes of natural selection (directional, stabilizing, etc), non-adaptive evolution, fitness Emergence as an interdisciplinary scientific perspective, fitness health Evolutionary medicine and longevity, human evolutionary constraints and tradeoffs (e.g. bipedalism, brain size, etc.), coevolution (pathogens, human disease
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