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APS111H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Problem Set, Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research

Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
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Jeffrey Kopstein
Study Guide

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1.0 General Advice
Midterms are too frequent, and finals always seem to be too hard. Here are tips to help make life easier,
and general advice on how to get through the Skule year successfully.
A. The Rule of Three
1) Complete all assigned readings before class
2) Go to every single lecture
3) Make your own personalized hybrid lecture/reading notes
B. Study Group
Have one (1) or two (2) study partners, max.
Make sure they are committed and focused
C. Discuss Material
Explain and discuss your lectures notes and homework with your Study Group
If you can explain a concept or solution to a problem in a clear and concise manner to
others, and they understand, then you know the material well enough
Review your lecture/study notes each night in bed for 10 minutes before going to sleep
D. Stay Organized
Use your agenda to record important dates and your homework schedule
Focus on one (1) or two (2) courses each day. Anything more is a waste of effort
Stick to your schedule; things become overwhelming when you get lazy and fall behind
E. Use Office Hours
The professor is a valuable resource. If you have a question, chances are that the
professor can explain the answer better than the TAs or your friends
Review concepts from class and have them explained in more detail
Inquire about methods and solutions for tackling challenging questions
A. Lecture Notes Review
Go back and actually read your lecture notes… that’s why you wrote them down!
B. Problem Sets
Complete all problems for the assigned dates that the course suggests
Now go back and do them all again from the beginning to study for your test
C. Previous Midterms and Exams
Complete the Midterms and Exams with your study group
Only attempt them once you have mastered the problem set questions
Find all previous midterms and tests at
D. Stay Well Rested
Everyone needs sleep to function effectively
There is never a good reason to pull an all-nighter
E. Prep101 Sessions
Sessions are fairly cheap and you get an inside look into test formats, tricks, and tips
Study everything yourself first, but these sessions nicely compliment your hard work
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