APS150H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Precautionary Principle, Affix, Endangerment

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Ethics Exam Review
Part 1
-logos logic
-ethos right thing to do
-pathos human/emotional dimension
Common law: it is unfair to treat the same facts differently on different occasions
Tort/Statute Law (written in statutes)
-cause harm
-possessions and property
-failure to take reasonable care
Learned Professions: medicine, dentistry, architecture, law & engineering
-self governing
Profession Engineer’s Act
-“wherein the safeguarding of life, health, property, or public welfare is concerned
Quebec bridge
-calculations never properly checked
-weight of bridge was in excess of carrying capacity
-collapsed, 75 killed
-ethical standards are higher requirements than law alone
-public safety is paramount
-can be guilty if you “ought to have known/told”
Part 2
Code of Ethics: act fairly, with devotion and integrity, competence, and fidelity to public needs
-don’t be negligent
-every licence holder will affix their seal to every drawing, plan, specification, report, or other doc.
-if you break something fix it
-if it can’t be fixed – replace it
-if it can’t be replaced – provide compensation
Intellectual property (IP) product of a though process / creation of the mind
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