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Architecture Studies
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Larry Wayne Richards
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International style: luis barragan: Surrealism
Mayekawa: Japanese modern architects, post war japan
Raj rewal, doshi
Some of the third world countries were struggling to find international identity
Modern nation state or follow past cultural, ethnic traditions
Urban + rural worlds
Mali medical center by andre ravereau
Used local and imported materials
Geoffrey bawa studio in Colombo
In recent years, outstanding buildings have emerged in the periphery”
India, spain, mexico, Portugal are places with distinctive modern architectural cultures and
experienced at balancing internal inheritances with new ideas from outside
Must contribute to architectural culture of their own time
ESSAY QUESTION ON MODERNISM: How did it evolve? What as it? Name three key architects (other than
Wright) in the modern movement; discuss their philosophy, referring to examples of their work; What, for you, is
modernism in architecture today?
Started to emerge in early 18th century
Spread rapidly between the 1930s and 1950s
Industrial revolution introduced new mechanisms
Invention of elevators: changed office buildings and their architecture
20th century: even more industrialization, more manufacturing plants
Infrastructure increased in scale like in airports
Reinforced concrete made making buildings more rapid, apartments, towers
Now things like airports and oil drilling platforms have become like little cities (complex system and
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The current stage is probably hyper modernism and we are a part of it
But not all parts of the world are in hyper modernism or even modernism for that matter
Developing countries have weak infrastructure
Increasing levels of abstraction plays key role in developing modernism
Classicism still affects modern architecture (pharmacy building)
Modernism always reinventing itself
Modern architecture is polemical, dynamic
Abstraction is important in modernism
Modernism evolved with technology because Close relationship between changing technologies and
changing architecture
The use of iron, steel, glass, reinforced concrete, railway stations, advanced technologies
Technology has aided in the evolution of modernism, made architecture more efficient
Modernism for me is also the efficiency of a building and the efficiency with which it employs new
technologies, inventions, products
Like the statue of liberty using structure materials for the inside form
Understanding and inspiration from infrastructure systems lead to new architecture
Modernism is also very important to nations governments or international/national institutions
representing themselves globally
To me modernism is something more than just a style of architecture
Its the means through which just a piece of architecture can symbolize something
Like a symbol for a government, a symbol for a city embracing a more progressive spirit, etc
Helps cities become global cities, have an image that is internationally renowned, lets architects
express ideas; show their vision, display of vision
Modernism in architecture today is also evidence of changing social values and ideas
What was considered modern is not the same anymore
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