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University of Toronto St. George
Architecture Studies
Larry Wayne Richards

International style: luis barragan: Surrealism Villaneuva Mayekawa: Japanese modern architects, post war japan Raj rewal, doshi Some of the third world countries were struggling to find international identity Modern nation state or follow past cultural, ethnic traditions Urban + rural worlds Mali medical center by andre ravereau Used local and imported materials Geoffrey bawa studio in Colombo In recent years, outstanding buildings have emerged in the periphery India, spain, mexico, Portugal are places with distinctive modern architectural cultures and experienced at balancing internal inheritances with new ideas from outside Must contribute to architectural culture of their own time ESSAY QUESTION ON MODERNISM: How did it evolve? What as it? Name three key architects (other than Wright) in the modern movement; discuss their philosophy, referring to examples of their work; What, for you, is modernism in architecture today? th Started to emerge in early 18 century Spread rapidly between the 1930s and 1950s Industrial revolution introduced new mechanisms Invention of elevators: changed office buildings and their architecture 20 century: even more industrialization, more manufacturing plants Infrastructure increased in scale like in airports Reinforced concrete made making buildings more rapid, apartments, towers Now things like airports and oil drilling platforms have become like little cities (complex system and structure)
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