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Published on 25 May 2011
Architecture Studies
Course Reader: Experiencing Architecture Notes
Art should not be explained, it should be experienced
Architecture means shapes formed around man, formed to be lived in, not just seen from outside
Understanding architecture is not the same as being able to determine the style of a building by
certain external features
Bader Question
ESSAY QUESTION ON THE BADER THEATRE: you will be asked to generally describe the exterior and the interior and to
discuss your particular EXPERIENCE of architecture via that building; 3 points
Talk about its use + its purpose to be a lecture hall: serves it well, Practical purpose
Being utilized properly
Also used for film screenings during TIFF, served this purpose properly as well (for small movies)
Works almost as a auditory conduit
Vic campus, talk about its place in vic, how does it fit in with the other buildings?
Its place within the general area and then uoft as a whole
Subtle sophistication
Doesnt stand out too much
Very different from the older vic buildings like old vic, Emmanuel college, birge Carnegie, annesley
hall, etc
Exterior: vertical concrete slabs, very contemporary, sections of glass, can see inside
East side wall covered in vines, interesting because you dont expect it in such a relatively modern
Good contrast with the other more modern sections of the building, gives sense of timelessness +
modernity + old style architecture ALSO SOFTNESS
Reflects light well because of the wide open glass windows
Staircase going to the top floor, glass balconies
Very open, airy
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Its place within the general area and then uoft as a whole. Staircase going to the top floor, glass balconies: very open, airy www. notesolution. com. Sound travels really well, can often hear the subway faintly in the background. Interior: lecture hall has recurring color scheme of gray, purple, brown. Essay question that asks you to respond to several geometric shapes (included on the test with this question) in relation to the design of a house for yourself. Essay question on part three global cities/new technologies/urban form; this will require you to reflect on the world"s population explosion, rapid urban expansion, and possibilities related to architectural urban form. There is often crisis of public open spaces like in hong kong (very high density population) www. notesolution. com. Sustainability includes environmental, social, political and economic aspects. Town projects in cairo for young professionals: affordable (this is one example of an idea for tackling expansion.