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Notes on FLW for exam essay question

Architecture Studies
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Larry Wayne Richards
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Raised on a farm
Had an early appreciation for geometry, played with puzzles, patterns
Interested in the classical order
Also interested in Japanese architecture
His prairie style houses were becoming more radical with each one
For some buildings he began to design everything: the house/building, landscape, interior, furniture
Had an unhappy upbringing with parents being divorced
He later became obsessed with the expression of idealized family relationships probably because of
His mother believed he would be a great architect
Worked in his uncles farm in Wisconsin
He used to arrange the Froebel blocks into patterns
Studied engineering at university of Wisconsin, did not stay, moved to Chicago to work with joseph
Learned a lot about domestic design from him, became involved in suburban architecture
Then worked for Louis Sullivan who influenced him a lot
Started his own practice in suburban Chicago
Married Catherine tobin
Developed the prairie style homes which included the winslow house, robie house, and cheney house
Wanted the houses to be comfortable and have a sense of belonging
His plans were logical and well worked out to match each clients requirements, made most of the
lot/space that was available
He tried to provide a calm and soothing retreat for many of the owners of the house who worked in
downtown Chicago = image of domesticity (all his houses)
His houses responded to the new suburban rituals but also evoked a traditional American image
Had an affair with one of his clients wives
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