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Architecture Studies
Zeynep Celik

LECTURE 1 NOTES: 18 Century- 20 Century: (1793-1968) Beaux Arts: More hands on and focusing on the overall design. FRANCOIS BONDEL- COURSE’D’ARCHITECTURE – 1698 Polio- D’architecture (1794-Present) Polytechnique: More into steps, and going into details about planning, and elevation of final product. John-nocholas –louis Durand, famous for teaching polytechnique, to his classes. It was like military school, what you learned in 15 years, you’d end up learning in 3 months. Pretty cool eh?? I know : D 20 Century (1919-1933) Bahaus : Community center looking building. BAHAUS ART BUILDING - WALTER GROPIUS – BAHAUS DESSAUS 1926 TRIANGLE DRAWINGS SKETCH- WALTER GROPIUS , BAHAUS MANIFESTO - 1919 COMPARE: LECTURE QUESTION: What is a “history of the present”?
Not a history of the past in terms of the present LECTURE 2 NOTES: Utopia; Imaginary ideal place contructed when one wants to be in. Dystopia : Imaginary fearful place constructed by someone, where no on wants to be FRITZ LANG Metropolis 1927 th Globalization: 16 century- It is basically making more connections worldwide, and spreading on the global scale. First: Industrial Revolution: 18 Century First Agriculture revolution: 18 Century Second Agriculture revolution: 19 Century. French Revolution: 1789 Engels – 1845 – Working class 2 New Classes of people evolves: - Bourgoise – Middle class (lawyers), Proletariot (laborers) Blasé Attitude:- When people show the indifference attitude Engels said – Modern metropolis- segration of Classes- women from men, rich from poor. Owen – 1841- The Plan of a self supporting home colony- MODERNIZATION IN PARIS: MODERNIZING THE METROPOLIS 1 HAUSSMANIZATION- 1853- 1870- PARIS -Haussmenn- 1841- Hired by the king, to reconstruct the medival looking paris- which looked utopia (because of the the nice looking buildings) dystopian (because of the jail looking walls) Paris before- dense walls- so that rich people would not end up contacting with the poor people face to face if they ever walk outside (hierarchical spacing) Paris after being designed by Haussmenn – Open space for everyone to socialize- all classes of men. (see deign by – 1873- Boulevard Des Cappucine- Monet HAUSSMANS PHOTO- Haussmanization of Paris- 1853-1870- __________________________________________________________ MODERNIZATION IN VIENNA AND SITTE: MODERNIZATION OF THE METROPOLIS 2 CAMILLO SITTE- City according to its artistic principle- 1889. CAMILLO SITTE – PROPOSAL FOR ALTERING VIENNA RINGSTRASSE 1889 Vienne- Ringstrasse—1860 – Vienna – Sitte- Wagner : Sitte thought that ringstrasse is too modern, too instrumental, too ration. WAGNERS DESIGN- STRUCTURE FOR CUTTING THROUGH THE RINGS OF VIENNA 1911 (ALSO SEE DISTRICT XX11) Wagner thought that ringstrasse is not modern, not rational, not instrum
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