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Midterm Study Notes

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HealthSafety CareHandlingChemicalsKeep away from hightraffic areasNever leave unlabeled flasks or beakers aroundAlways wash out breakers or jars immediatelyStore chemicals in wellventilated cool locked cabinetsStore flammable chemicals in explosionproof cabinetsNever pour chemicals down drainsPlace leftovers in designated disposal tanksSmall amounts of reasonably benign acids can be diluted with large amounts of water and neutralized with baking soda or soda ash in large open containerArtifactsHold over padded surfaceUse trolley when moving artifacts around labFor longer moves outside of lab place carefully in boxesDo not pack in paperFor some artifacts metals you need to avoid skin contactOils and acids in skin can corrode metalsWear latex or cotton globesWhen labeling ensure the archaeological contextual information is preservedWhen refitting pottery find al joins and glue together at once using acrylic b72Storing CollectionsStable moderate temperature and humidityLow humidity for metalsUse metal shelves instead of woodwood exudes corrosive fumesSilica gel can be used to reduce humidityMeasurement TheoryDirect Measurementcompare two things physicallyIndirect Measurementdifficult or impossible to measure directly Measure something you think is relatedProxy measures eg carbon dating how wealthy is a person how many people lived on site etcNorolls theoryNominalcategorical qualitative ex colourDichotomous scaleinvolving only 2 categoriesOrdinalranking qualitative ex seriationIntervalconceived of being equal size with an arbitrary zero qualitative ex calendar yearsOnlyormathsRatioquantitative ex length width thickness andMeasurement ErrorHuman errormisread miscopied chose a different set of starting points
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