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23 Apr 2013

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The triumphal procession would gather in the southern field of mars, the cross the pomerium, encircle the palatine hill, cross the forum romanum and climb up to the capitoline hill. The procession would include the display of war booty, captives, signs with the names of conquered cities, etc. It would end at the temple of jupiter optimus maximus with a sacrifice of bulls in a hecatomb, done by the triumphant general. This was an important ritual procession in the republic an imperil periods. In the republic period the triumph was granted to victorious generals; while in the imperial period it was only members of the imperial family who could celebrate a triumph. Triumphator dressed in the guise of jupiter, and may have been painted (partially or fully) red as the statue of jupiter in the temple. Essentially the triumphator became a god for a day, or for however long his triumph was granted.

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