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23 Apr 2013

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Longa, amulius, steals the throne of numitor, and forces his daughter, rhea silvia, to become a vestal virgin: rhea silvia is raped by mars and has twin boys romulus and remus. Geography and topography of rome: rome is located on the left bank of the lower course of the tiber river, roughly 20km inland from the coast. The city is situated at a natural tiber crossing on a very old trade route which runs north/south and connects to etruria. This route dates to the early 1st millennium bc: the city itself lies in the italian coastal plains and occupies a group of low hills. Varro lists seven in a reflection of his obsession with the number which apparently was magical. In reality it would be difficult to pin-point how many hills rome really has: these hills were much steeper in antiquity than now; lower areas were often inundated.

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