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Professor Petit

lecture 1 I. brunelleschi • florence cathedral founding hospital • • san lorenzo church, florence II. Masaccio • trinity with the virgin, St john the evangelist and donors, fresco, ca 1425-28 • Sant’ Anna meetterza, 1423-25 Florence, Uffizi • The expulsion of adam and eve from paradise, brancacci chapel • tribute money after cleaning, 1427, brancacci chapel, Florence • st. peter healing with his shadow 1427, brancacci chapel, florence III. attributed to muchelozzo di bartolomeo facade midici palace IV. Perugino, the delivery of the keys to St. peter, 1481, Fresco, Vatican, Rome V. Brancacci chapel, church of santa maria del carmine, florence 1427-27 lecture 2 I. baptistery of St John, the building was founded in 4th cent and renovated in 11th and 13th cent II. Ghiberti, • Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401, bronze with gilding, florence, Bargello • compare with the thorn puller, 1 Bce, rome, capitoline • north doors of florence baptistery, 1403-24 (4.6meter) • East doors,”gates of Paradise” Florence, baptistery, 1425-52(gilt bronze)h 4.57meter - splendor and significance - creation of adam and Eve, from the east door of baptistery - jacob and esau from east doors of the baptistery.reconstruction of perspective system with figure standing before them III. Orsanmichele, the offical guild center, by Orcagna, 1355. Florence - Ghiberti, St john the baptist, for the wool merchants guild, 1410 - Banco, four crowned saint, stonecarvers and woodworker’s guild, 1409, marble IV. Donatello, • St geogre, 1417, armorers’ guild, marble, • st georgen and the dragon relief. • David, 1460, bronze • singing galleries( cantoria)
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