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TopicsRoman ArchitectureoRoman Temple Buildingmain characteristicsFront of Roman temples faced the precinct of the god that played a role in a religious ritualIn comparison to Greek temples which had peripheral colonnades and were designed to be seen from all sidesTemple stood on high podium with stairs only at the frontPortico and pronaos lined by colonnades is a defining characteristic of Roman templesrdLate 3 century BCE Romans adopted the Greek architectural orders Doric Ionic CorinthianCorinthianmuch more decorated capital became a staple for Roman architecture in the Imperial periodRomans used concrete cheap and malleable arches and vaults whereas Greek didnt relied more on stone masonryoLayout social functions and decoration in the Roman houseRoman houses were inward looking and incredibly versatile in their layout mobile furniture with many rooms containing a large number of functions they were also used as social spaces to entertain clients and politicalsocial associates large amounts of painted frescoes and natural light from skylights rather than exterior windowsRealm where we get the most profound customs and influence of Greek art in Roman lifeThe Roman house as we know it had very much to do with Greek art and also with the Greek lifestyleOtium vs NegotiumDomustownhouse for rich peopleVillacountry estate have rooms for agriculture and nonresidential functionsFor leisureotium for enjoyment through dinner partiesconvivium similar to Greek symposium but women were allowed Also Roman houses were not segregated like Greek houses Women were allowed to mingle with the menInsulaapartment building for poor peopleOtiumleisure where a rich Roman could devote time to leisure activitiesNegotiumeveryday dutiesTypical Roman house mid upper classOriented towards the interior no windows towards the exterior to do with climate and privacyenclosed on almost all sidesAll laid out around central atrium that had a water system collector via the opening in the roofAtrium also important for social functions because it was where the owner would receive his clients people of lower status and friendsSmall shrine for house gods also in atrium weaving loom and portrait of the ancestors so atrium was for social interactions but also for public displayRoman households were not nuclear families but housed series of people who were not related to eachother but all lived under the same roofCourtyard along atrium has series of rooms tablinum and triclinumdining rooms where dinner parties were held where homeowners invited close friends to dine with himCubiculumbedroomRoman houses didnt have a lot of furniture so the function of the different spaces could be versatileoCould receive close friends in the bedroomSpaces with no social character were at the back of the building ie kitchen latrinesoRecognizable because they had no decorations lavish dcor was limited to public spaces of the houseUnder influence of Hellenistic architecture this layout was expanded with a second courtyard with series of columns around it and gardenfountain in the middleOpen dining rooms because Mediterranean climate was so mild people could dine in a space that was not enclosedSometimes also had second storeys probably for slaves or additional bedroomsRoman house walls had overwhelming amount of decorations like a galleryWall decorations were associated with social prestigeMostly of scenes from Greek mythology but stripped of its original moral meaningoGreek myths popularity can be interpreted asToken for social status lifestyle and education
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