FAH215H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bernward Of Hildesheim, Ablaq, Lindau Gospels

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18 Apr 2016

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New images, new terms from second half of term. Both format and number of questions will be the same. There will be one object that appeared on the midterm that will be on the final. In the nave are images from old testament. This time rome has fallen to the hands of the barbarians, invading tribes from the roman empire. Speaks of shifting political climate and how rome is ruled by military leaders. Has a clasp - fibula - only elite members of society wear this. Serena is the niece of emperor cudoshous in the east. This commemorates their marriage and shows how high the barbarians have risen. Similar to the 5 piece ivory plaque of jesus. Augustine converted the anglo-saxons carrying an icon and a book. Seated on a throne - invokes his high status. Small narrative scenes of christ"s passion depicted on either side of him. Descriptive narrative can travel across distance and time.

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