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FAH230 Exam Image Identification ARTIST ARTWORK Andrea del Verrocchio and Baptism of Christ, 1468-77, oil on wood, workshop, completed by Leonardo, Florence, Uffizi Leonardo Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci, 1474-78 Adoration of the Magi, 1481-2 Study for the Sforza monument, 1488-89 Pacing horse study, 1480s/early 1490s The Virgin of the Rocks, ca. 1485 (also has a 2 one 1491-2/1506-08) The Last Supper, 1495-98 Vitruvian Man, 1490 Portrait of Lisa Gheradini (Mona Lisa) 1503- 06 Benois Madonna, 1481 Verrocchio Portrait of a Lady with Flowers, Ca. 1475 Equestrian Monument of Bartolomeo Colleoni 1481-95 Gentile da Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi, 1423 Donatello Equestrian Monument ofGattamelata, 1447- 53 Andrea del Castagno The Last Supper. 1445-50 Rubens Copy of Leonardo’s The Battle of Anghiari, 1600-08 Sebastiano da Sangallo Copy of Michelangelo’s Battle of Cascina 1542 Michelangelo Pieta, 1500 David, 1501-04 Sistine Ceiling, general view with vault frescos, 1508-12 The creation of Adam Fall and expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden Lybian Sibyl Ignudi Last Judgment, 1536-41 Detail: St. Bartholomew holding his flayed skin Tomb of Giuliano de Medici with allegorical figures of Night and Day, 1519-34 Vestibule of the Laurentian Library Dome, St. Peter’s Basilica, 1546-64 Donatello David, 1446-60 Baccio Pontelli 1477-81 Gustavo Tognetti Reconstruction drawing from 1899 of the FAH230 Exam Image Identification appearance of the Sistine Chapel 1483 Pietro Perugino Madonna and Child, 1500 Raphael The small Cowper Madonna, 1505 Portrait of Agnolo Doni, 1506 Portrait of Maddalena Strozzi Doni, 1506 Portrait of Pop Julius II, 1512 Stanza della Segnatura, 1508-11 School of Athens, 1510-11 Cartoon tapestry Christ’s charge to Peter, 1515-16 Marcantonio Raimondo Apollo, 1512-15 Giorgio Ghisi The School of Athens, 1559 Shop of Pieter van Aelst, after cartoon by Raphael, Christ’s Charge to Peter, Woven 1517, installed 1519 Michelangelo and Bramane Plan for St. Peters 1506 & 1546-64 Moderno Plan of St. Peter’s Basilica, 1607-12 Jacopo de Barbari, View of Venice, 1500, Giovanni Bellini San Giobbe Altarpiece, ca.1478 Andrea Dandolo Pala d’Oro restored and embellished in 1345 Antonello da Messina Enthroned Madonna and Child with Saints for San Cassiano, ca. 1475-76 Giorgione Castelfranco Altarpiece, ca.1504-5 Tempest, 1506 Portrait of a Young Woman (Laura), 1506 Portrait of an Old Woman, 1505-10 Giorgione and Titian Sleeping Venus, 1510 Titian
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