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FAH377 Week 2 midterm notes

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January 09. 2013 FAH377 Landscape Architecture Week 2 Title: Plan of Niagara Falls: Proposed Reservations for Protection of the Scenery Architect: Fredrick Law Olmsted & Calvert Vaux Date: 1879 Medium: Plan Scenic recreation around falls. 5 spillways connected Huron to Lake Ontario abt 10 thousand yrs ago ice retreated and land pops up. Lake eerie got smaller. Niagara valley was first inhabited by first nations ppl. Fall used to generate 500 kilobits of power. 3thousand ppl used to come see it then 10thousand a day. Uses planting circulation to create solitude. Title: Mount Auburn Cemetery (the lake) Designers: Jacob Bigelow & Massachusetts Horticultural Society Photographer: Henry Dearborn Date: 1831 Date of Image: 1850 Medium: Stereoview Rural cemetery in Massachusetts associated with churches. Wanted to move cemeteries outside city real-estate values go up, concern abt hygiene, anxiety of decomposing bodies near wells bad idea. Picturesque. Night kind of scenery. Artificial garden. Rural cemeteries successful. Title: L to R: Greensward Competition Boards no. 4 and no. 5 Architects: Fredrick Olmsted & Calvert Vaux Date: 1858 to 1880 Medium: Competition Boards held in 1857 Competition boards for the design of the space, photograph, as is (desolate park in NY city not desired for, swampy and rocky) then a plan/ ground organization on top and perspective view at bottom shows how it will be remade and reconfigured. Picturesque reference. Illusion created along design so convincing many ppl assume it had been like that forever instead of constructed. Not wild enough. Came to known as the Greensward Plan. His views on the park were probably inspired by his stay and various trips in Europe during 1850. Vaux designed 36 bridges for the park. January 09. 2013 Before the start of the project around 1,600 residents occupying the area at the time, were evicted (African Americans who had settled in the area) the settlement was bought out for around $700 residents said it was below the value of their residences. During the construction of the park, Olmsted fought constant battles with the park commissioners. In 1860, he was forced out for the first of many times as Central Park's superintendent, and Andrew Haswell Green, the former president of New York City's board of education took over as the chairman of the commission. Andre Green left job, Vaux died the maintenance effort gradually declined, and there were few, if any, attempts to replace dead trees, bushes and plants, or worn-out lawn. For several decades, authorities did little or nothing to prevent vandalism and the littering of the park. 1934 Robert Moses was given the task of cleaning up the park. The Greensward Plan's purpose of creating an idyllic landscape was combined with Moses' vision of a park to be used for recreational purposes—19 playgrounds, 12 ball fields, and handball courts were constructed. Title: Top: View toward Central Park south, construction of pond 1858. Bottom: Same view toward Central park south in a863, after grading of the site had been completed Architects: Fredrick Law Olmsted & Calvert Vaux Date: 1858-1880 Medium: Drawing Central Park Andrew Jackson Downing was the first to voice that N.Y city needed a public park because of the rise in population Title: Central Park Bridge (with sheep) Architects: Fredrick law Olmsted & Calvert Vaux Date: 1858 to 1880 Date of Image 1857 January 09. 2013 Title: Design Plan: Mount Royal Architect: Fredrick Law Olmsted Date: 1873 to 1881 Medium: Plan Date of Image: 1877 In Montreal. opportunity i to realize the full potential of a mountain as a public landscape and place for restorative enjoyment of scenery. Mount Royal was the first commission for a public park that Olmsted undertook without Vaux. Their partnership ended in 1872, although they continued to work together on New York City and Brooklyn parks for another two years. Title: Tandem Drive, Mount Royal Architect: Fredrick Law Olmsted Photographer: Wm. Notman & Son Date: 1873 to 1881 Medium: photograph (silver salts on glass– Gelatin dry plate process Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm Date of Image: 1889 Lots of horse manure. At the end of the 19th century, rich British visitors passing through Montreal in the winter could not miss the chance to go with their hosts for a sleigh ride on the mountain. Young people no doubt sometimes took advantage of the power of two horses hitched in tandem to give the romantic ride a more sporting flavour. Young men, and sometimes the more daring young women, would take the reins. The sleigh driving is very much a sporting activity in this photo, since the sleigh is being driven by members of the Driving Club who are taking the very steep, zigzag route going up from the corner of Peel and Drummond streets. Everywhere on the mountain and in the city, Montrealers took advantage of the winter by enjoying themselves in various ways according to social class - sometimes ignoring the team sports and activities organized by the clubs. Title: Mount Royal vista Architects: Fredrick Law Olmsted & associates Photographer/Date of Image: Unknown Date: 1873 to 1881 Medium: Photograph Montreal's first big park, Mount Royal, was established in 1874. The most famous landscape architect of the time, the American Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), who had designed New York's Central Park in 1858, was commissioned to develop it. The City later created La Fontaine Park and the park on St. Helen's Island -- the land in both cases having
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