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FAH337 Midterm Notes

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Betsy Bennett Purvis

FAH377 Midterm Notes Listed below are all the readings that should be read in preparation for the midterm, along with all the image titles shown in lectures 2-5, and some rd specific terms that may appear on the 3 section of the midterm. Week 2 January 13 Artistic competition in early fifteenth-century Florence Readings: • Campbell & Cole, pp. 50-64 and 72-82. • Diane Finiello Zervas, "The Building and Decoration of Orsanmichele before Verrocchio," in Verrocchio's Christ and St. Thomas. A Masterpiece of Sculpture from Renaissance Florence, ed. Loretta Dolcini, exh. cat. New York, 1992, 39-51. [BB] IMAGES FROM POWERPOINT LECTURE 2 1. Florence Cathedral (Duomo, also Santa Maria del Fiore) and the Palazzo Vecchio 2. Siena Cathedral (Santa Maria della Scala) 3. Palazzo Pubblico 4. Dominican church of Santa Maria della Scala and the Spanish Chapel 5. Franciscan church of Santa Croce and the Bardi and Peruzzi Chapels by Giotto 6. Andrea Pisano, South Doors of the Florence Baptistery, 1330-36 7. Baptistery (San Giovanni), Florence; founded in the fourth century; then renovated in the eleventh and thirteenth centuries 8. Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-1403, Florence, Bargello Museum 9. Filippo Brunelleschi, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-1403, Florence, Bargello Museum st 10. Roman sarcophagus, 1 century CE, (Opera del Duomo Museum, Florence) 11. The Thorn Puller, 1st century BCE, Rome, Capitoline Museum 12. Ghiberti, North Doors of the Florence Baptistery, 1416-19 13. Ghiberti, Baptism of Christ, from the North Doors of the Florence Baptistery, ca. 1416-19 14. Ghiberti, “Christ Among the Doctors” and “The Flagellation,” from the North Doors of the Florence Baptistery, ca. 1416-19 15. Lorenzo Ghiberti, East Doors of Baptistery (the “Gates of Paradise”), 1425-1452 16. Florence, Orsanmichele exterior, north east corner (from Via Calzaiuoli, walking from Duomo to Palazzo Vecchio) (interior view also shown) 1/6 FAH377 Midterm Notes 17. Andrea Orcagna, Tabernacle, begun ca. 1355; the tabernacle frames a miracle working image of the Virgin and Child repainted by Bernardo Daddi, ca. 1346-47 18. Manuscript illuminations showing the distribution of grain at Orsanmichele (early 15th C) and the distribution of grain outside the city walls during the famines of the 1330s) 19. Fresco (by Orcagna?) celebrating the defeat of the Duke of Athens by the Florentine troops on the feast day of St. Anne, 1343 20. Manuscript illumination showing patients suffering from the Black Death (of 1348) 21. Pietro di Giovanni Tedesco, “Madonna of the Rose,” 1399 Orsanmichele Made for the Doctors and Apothecaries Guild (one of only 3 statues made pre-1406) 22. Niccolo’ Lamberti, St. Luke, 1406, Florence Bargello, for the Judges and Notaries’ Guild 23. Nanni di Banco, St. Philip, Florence, Orsanmichele, ca. 1410-12 for the Shoemakers’ Guild 24. Lorenzo Ghiberti, St John the Baptist, for the Calimala (wool merchants) guild, Florence, Orsanmichele, ca. 1410 25. Donatello, St. Mark, 1411-13, Florence Orsanmichele for the Linen and Weavers’ Guild 26. Nanni di Banco, Four Crowned Saints, Niche of the Maestri di Pietra e Legname (Stonecarvers and Woodworkers’ Guild), ca. 1413-14, Florence, Orsanmichele 27. Donatello, St George, 1415-18, for the Armorers’ Guild, Florence, Bargello 28. Donatello, St George and the Dragon (SCHIACCIATO)=SQUASHED RELIEF 29. Donatello, St. Louis of Toulouse, Santa Croce Museum, Florence, ca. 1423, commissioned by the Guelf Party for the east-side of Orsanmichele 30. Lorenzo Ghiberti, St Matthew, 1419-23, Arte del Cambio (Bankers’ Guild), Florence, Orsanmichele 31. Verrocchio. Christ and St. Thomas, made for the Merchant’s Guild, replaced Donatello’s St. Louis in the central niche on Via Calzaiuoli, 1467-1483 Week 3 January 20 Competitive spirit in fifteenth-century Rome: the case of the Sistine Chapel Readings: • Campbell & Cole, pp. 275-80. 2 FAH377 Midterm Notes • Giorgio Vasari, "Life of Botticelli," in Lives of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors and Architects, trans. Gaston Du Vere, London 1912-14, 3: pp. 247-54. [available online at: ] • Arnold Nesselrath, "The Painters of Lorenzo the Magnificent in the Chapel of Pope Sixtus IV in Rome," in The Fifteenth Century Frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, Rome 2003, 39-75. [BB] IMAGES FROM POWERPOINT LECTURE 3 32. Donatello, Equestrian Monument to Gattamelata (Erasmo de Narni),1447-53, Padua, Piazza del Santo 33. Verrocchio, Equestrian Monument of Bartolomeo Colleoni height approx. 4 m. (without base), 1481-95, Venice, Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo 34. Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ Equestrian Statue, 175 CE, Rome, Capitoline Museum 35. Horses of St. Mark’s, 101 CE, Venice, Marciano Museum 36. The Regisole of Pavia, 3 century CE, (destroyed in the 18th C) 37. Bonino da Campione, Funeral Monument to Bernabo` Visconti, 1363 (now in Museum of the Castello Sforzesca) 38. Monument to Cangrande della Scala, 1320s, Verona 39. Antonio Pollaiuolo’s proposal for the equestrian monument to Francesco Sforza, c.1481-82 40. Leonardo’s studies for the equestrian monument to Francesco Sforza, c.1482-93 41. Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Tomb of Pope Sixtus IV, 1484-93, Museo Storico Artistico, St. Peter’s (Pollaiuolo worked for Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, future Pope Julius II) 42. Baccio Pontelli, (?), Sistine Chapel, 1477-81, Exterior View 43. Sistine Chapel, General view / Side wall / Detail of Anacletus, Third Pope 44. Leonardo’s sketch of the hanged Pazzo conspirator, Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli, 1479 45. Bertoldo di Giovanni’s medal of the Pazzi Conspiracy, 1478 46. Gustavo Tognetti, reconstruction drawing from 1899 of the appearance of the Sistine Chapel ca. 1483 30. Cosimo Rosselli, Adoration of the Golden Calf, south wall of Sistine Chapel, 1481-82, Vatican 31. Cosimo Rosselli, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, north wall of Sistine Chapel, 1481-82, Vatican 32. Perugino, The Circumcision of the Son of Moses, 1481-82,
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